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Env Variables and Modes


It is recommended to go through Vite's Env Variables and Modes documentation first before reading the sections below.

Global Env Variables

electron-vite will load environment variables from the project root like Vite, and use different prefixes to limit the available scope.

By default, variables prefixed with MAIN_VITE_ are exposed to the main process, PRELOAD_VITE_ to preload scripts and RENDERER_VITE_ to renderers.

// .env
SOME_KEY=123                # not available
MAIN_VITE_SOME_KEY=123      # for the main process
PRELOAD_VITE_SOME_KEY=123   # for preload scripts
RENDERER_VITE_SOME_KEY=123  # for renderers

If you want to customize env variables prefix, you can use envPrefix option.

// electron.vite.config.js
export default defineConfig({
  main: {
    envPrefix: 'M_VITE_'
  // ...

If you are a TypeScript user, make sure to add type definitions for import.meta.env in env.d.ts to get type checks and intellisense for user-defined env variables.

/// <reference types="vite/client" />

interface ImportMetaEnv {
  readonly MAIN_VITE_SOME_KEY: string
  // more env variables...

interface ImportMeta {
  readonly env: ImportMetaEnv


By default, dev command runs in development mode, the build and preview command runs in production mode.

You can overwrite the default mode used for a command by passing the --mode option flag. See Vite Modes.

Released under the MIT License