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TypeScript Decorator

Vite uses esbuild to transpile TypeScript into JavaScript. However, esbuild does not support the TypeScript feature emitDecoratorMetadata. Some packages(typeorm, sequelize-typescript, etc.) use the reflect-metadata module as a polyfill to extend object metadata. In Electron development, these libraries are highly used, so it's necessary to support for emitting type metadata for decorators.

Since electron-vite 1.0.12, has created an optional swcPlugin which is powered by swc to replace Vite's esbuild plugin, and its performance is also excellent.

When you need to support this feature, you can modify your config file like this:

// electron.vite.config.ts
import { defineConfig, swcPlugin } from 'electron-vite'

export default defineConfig({
  main: {
    plugins: [swcPlugin()]
  // ...

You can also learn more by playing with the example.


When using swcPlugin, you need to install @swc/core, because @swc/core is an optional dependency by default in electron-vite.

Released under the MIT License